Two Chefs Eating Place

Address: 409 Sin Ming Avenue #02-01
Tel: 64513812
Operating Hours: Daily 11:00 – 22:30
Budget: Approx $12-25 per pax, depending on what you order
Recommendations: Butter pork ribs, XO San Lou Horfun (but must drink lots of water!!!), Steamed Red Garoupa with XO sauce

N.B: The other outlet is situated at 116 Commonwealth Crescent S140116.


Today was the long-awaited grand arrival of London gal back from the land of high street Topshop models to Top Gear celeBrities. As her family also intended to have a post-arrival cny reunion dinner today, we visited Two Chefs Eating Place pursuant to her sister’s recommendation.


Prosperity Yusheng ($30)

We started the meal with the usual Prosperity Yusheng ($30) which included the usual yusheng ingredients and fish slices. The server was very keen to offer the $30 instead of $20 portion and I felt that it was on the brink of hard-selling. Nevertheless, the $30 portion was pretty decent given that there were 7 of us at the table. My only grunt for the yusheng was that LG and I couldn’t quite make out what those raw fish slices were.


Butter pork ribs ($12)

The Butter pork ribs ($12) were wok-fried and sprinkled with very fine butter crumbs which resembled Parmesan cheese at first sight. The pork ribs were in fact pork chops without any bones, and were succulent and chewy. Ah Boy has never seen a similar dish before because of the novelty of the butter crumbs. One possible way of cooking the butter crumbs could be to heat caramelised sugar over butter and then frying them with high flame so that they form fine crystals of butter crumbs. Since this is largely my speculation, perhaps more due diligence is required. Overall, the dish is very novel and not too salty on the palette.


XO San Lou Horfun ($7)

We also ordered the famous XO San Lou Horfun ($7) (aka non-soupy kind) which was not too dry and sufficiently moist. The flavours were very strong (with a very light tinge of XO fragrance) and the 火候 was just nice (control of the wok and temperature). Good sanlou horfun requires a delicate mix of flavours, moisture and temperature control. The standard was definitely above average and worth trying, although I personally feel that it was a little too salty for me and I still felt thirsty a few hours after the meal.


Soupy horfun

The Soupy horfun was served (by mistake) before the XO Sanlou Horfun. We were not sure if the order was lost in translation, so we ordered the famous XO Sanlou horfun shortly after. The soupy horfun was pretty average actually, so Ah Boy would recommend the Sanlou horfun instead.


Handmade Tofu ($20)

The Handmade Tofu ($20) was also a novel dish, comprising handmade soya tofu, minced pork meat and cabbage strips. The tofu was very smooth and tender while the minced meat provided a savoury after-taste to the dish. Definitely worth trying, although it may be a little pricey.


Scallops with broccoli ($12)

The Scallops with broccoli ($12) was also very appealing. The scallops were fresh and succulent while the broccoli was sufficiently seasoned in the light sauce. A good side dish to balance the overpowering flavours of the other dishes.


Steamed Red Garoupa with XO Sauce ($70)

The Steamed Red Garoupa with XO Sauce ($70) was perhaps the highlight of the dinner. The claypot was served with its lid covered and a ladle-full of XO added along the edges of the clay pot lid and mechanically mixed. Once the lid was lifted, the XO would evaporate along with the hot water vapor within, leaving a tinge of alcoholic aroma. Speaking of the red garoupa, the meat was fresh, firm and succulent. The gravy/broth was probably cooked with superior light soya sauce as Ah Boy could taste the soft and light fragrant soya sauce, although I couldn’t quite make out what other ingredients there were. What was sure was there were also spring onions and minced ginger bits.


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