Privé café

Official Website:

Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, GF Marina at Keppel Bay

Tel: 66816401

Opening Hours: 0900 – 0000 (Pancakes served from 0900 – 1730)

Budget: $20 – $30

Recommendations: Hungrygowhere

Special Report by Mr Mushroom

Prior to my maiden visit to this little establishment tucked away on Keppel Island, Privé café has been the talk of several friends of mine. Their verbal reviews were pretty laudatory, so I felt that a visit to the famed café was the least to do my friends’ recommendations some justice.


Ultimate Brekkie

Privé’s Ultimate Brekkie is akin to a muddy soccer field after a rain-drenched match: the side salad being the post-trodden mangled blades of grass; the sautéed mushrooms the clods of mud knocked off boots; the fried bacon – scabs fallen off wounds from the days of yore. The star of the pitch was the limp-looking, mud-encrusted soccer sock in the form of a sausage – the sausage seemed to have been handmade for beneath its tough external hide was a dark, excessively peppery flesh that probably withstood the fires of hell’s kitchen.

In spite of the hellish maelstrom of eccentric flavours abound in the greens, mushroom and sausage, the saving grace was that of the unassuming scrambled eggs tucked neatly in the corner – all 2 eggs’ worth of it. Well-scrambled to retain its succulent moisture, the eggs featured a well-buttered preparation complete with milky goodness.


3.7/5 Mushrooms

While the portion is pretty filling, I doubt it justified the $20 price tag. What really saved it for me was the scrambled eggs.


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