Prata House at Evans Lodge

Address: 26 Evans Road #01-02 Evans Lodge

Tel: 62356993 (Prank call if you wish, they might not pick up anyway.)

Reported by SG Boy 

WARNING: Negative Review Alert **

Muscle Man and I went to Prata House with a few more friends for dinner, longing for a delicious and hearty meal after a week of hard work. It’s TGIF after all and we wanted to end it off with a blast. However, all we had was TMIF – the meal is fked up.

To be honest, my first visit at Prata House about 2 years ago was pretty decent. The food was above average and the service was alright. However, our experience that day was utterly disappointing and distasteful. It is my worst dining experience in my whole life.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 6.55pm and the server waited for about 10 minutes to come over to our table, despite numerous prompting. There were about 3-4 servers around and we were racking our brains if we were invisible or just too good to be true (that’s why they didn’t approach us). When one of the servers finally dragged his feet over, I asked for a few more menus as there was only one menu available on the long table (for 6). He turned a deaf ear and walked away. That was merely the start of a series of unfortunate, unacceptable and abhorrent service behaviour. We decided to rely on ourselves and retrieved the menus from another table in the end.

When the order was taken, my friend recommended the Maggie Goreng Pattaya ($6), which was supposed to be really good. We ordered 5 sets of that and 1 set of Vegetarian Set ($5.50), which comes with a bowl of (mutton?) soup, curry, yoghurt, 1 plain prata and rice. It was pretty decent (from the looks of it) and was served readily (at about 715). As for the Maggie Goreng, we were warned that the previous time our friend came, they actually waited for one hour for the Maggie Goreng to arrive. And so…we have been warned..but we decided to be benevolent. We chose to regret it later.

About 5 minutes later, the drinks were served. After another 15 minutes, we got a little grumpy and started asking for the orders. At about 7.35pm, 2 of the Maggie Goreng arrived, well-garnished and plated with colourful chili sauce. We seriously pondered why they could spend time decorating the dish instead of serving them promptly. Nevertheless, the maggie was only average and a little soggy. Not as fantastic as it sounded. By then, our female friend was having serious issues. While swopping the cutlery bowl with the table behind, she hit it hard on the table, emitting a thunderous noise that shocked the whole restaurant. So we showed our displeasure very explicitly. However, my friends were much more patient than I am and decided to wait a little longer.

8.05pm it shall be. Otherwise we will leave,” growled Muscle Man.

At about 7.55pm, I decided that enough was enough. However, the other 3 guys including Muscle Man were concerned that Prata House was the only place with food available in the vicinity. I finally convinced them that waiting any longer would be futile, and we decided to call it quits. We went up to the cashier to foot the bill, only to realise that the remaining 3 Maggie Goreng were not even prepared yet. The cashier and kitchen staff couldn’t care more when the orders were cancelled and did not show the least sign of apology. Perhaps detestable disdainful delinquency was an understatement. To know the sure-trick of how to annoy your customers, please take a leaf from Prata House.

While waiting, we also observed that the entire restaurant was filled with surveillance cameras, which we wondered, was probably due to angsty and displeased customers walking away without paying. Being law-abiding citizens, we paid for whatever was on the table, did not make a din and left peacefully. We were really civilised about it, though we were burning with anger inside. We left at about 8.10pm, 3 of us still famished, but we were too angry to stomach anything else. Well-done, Prata House, you have managed to clinch the top spot of my “Most Abhorrent Restaurants in the World”. You could really speak to Guinness World Records. We didn’t take any photos of the food, but I kept the final receipt. I still feel nauseous looking at it now.


Thanks for your patronage??!!


In conclusion, we waited half an hour for below average food and after another half hour, the food was not even prepared. For the 3 of us who walked away famished but bloated from inferior Milo Dinosaur ($3.20), we walked away deeply disappointed. Perhaps if we had paid service charge, we would have gotten some service.

Rating: 5/5 Disgruntled Ah Boy Stars

1/5 Muscles (Rating System for Muscle Man)

Suitable for: Breakups, Anger Management Classes and Kick-boxing. Guinness World Record personnel please do pay a visit too :)


HGW had bad reviews too, and did you realise that ladyironchef actually did not mention anything good about the place?


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