Old School Delights

Official (Awesomely Cute and Interactive) Website: http://www.oldschooldelights.com/ (Menu here)
Address: 215M Upper Thomson Road S(574349)
Tel: +65 6458 4518
Opening Hours: 1130am – 1030pm (Tue – Fri, 10.15pm last order); 1100am – 1030pm (Sat – Sun, 10.15pm last order)
Budget: $5-10 (10% Service Charge)

Reported by SG Boy


It’s yesterday once more.

For those who live in an age when the school tuckshop serves chicken macaroni at $1.50, when hopscotch, War of the Country Erasers were played during recess time and when the original grey Nintendo GameBoy or Nokia 8210 was still a luxury item, Old School Delights (“OSD”) is a walk down memory lane where the child in each adult can come out to play again.


Once upon a time, we were little innocent kids too. (we still are, right?)

Theme and Decor


Why are rabbits old school?


An elevated kitchen, a signature trait of the shophouses along this side of Thomson Road

As its name suggests, OSD serves quintessential local food fare such as Mee Siam, Kueh Pie Tie and Chendol. However, what sets itself apart from the usual hawker food fare is the serenity and ambience you enjoy here. The entire restaurant resembles a school classroom from the era of SBC, with tiny tiles on the walls decorated with lomo photos and plastered with pictures of the mean discipline mistress who detains mischievous kids for remedial or detention classes. Really reminds me of Aiyoyo and 早安老师.


All the Kaypohs!

Old School Games



Who wants to play with me?

On the side of each table is a small wooden ‘toy box’ containing the games which Ah Boy used to play when he was young – Donkey, Five Stones and War of the Country Erasers. Those were the days when school children got sweaty running around on the green school field, played real and physical cards, instead of crushing fake candies on their iPad. Feels nostalgic indeed.


Karen Tan’s Home Econs Textbook

The menus were also carefully crafted. Each menu resembled a Jotter Book or primary school textbook, with unique names on each cover. The first page of the Menu is a short introduction of the theme and philosophy of OSD, emphasising that the owners have followed their secret home recipe passed down from their grandmother – there is no added MSG, no artificial preservatives or food enhancers. Exactly like home cooked food indeed. As for their soup broth, painstaking efforts have gone into the meticulous step of removing any excess oil or fat, so the meal is a wholesome, natural and healthy one.


Its au natural!



Old School Whiteboard for our Orders


Chicken Macaroni with fresh vegetables, sliced fish cake and quail eggs

LG remarked that the Chicken Marcaroni ($5.90) tasted exactly the same as what she had in her primary school tuckshop (canteen) – simple, tasty and healthy. Ah Boy tasted the soup base too and it was really sweet. Comfort food for the morning indeed. Other than strips of chicken breast, the macaroni also comes with lettuce, carrot, sliced fish cake and quail eggs. Fried spring onions were also sprinkled on top of the macaroni. Back at Ah Boy’s home, fresh and crispy fried spring onions are deep fried in clear oil for about half an hour to achieve complete dryness and the residual oil later drained. The fried spring onions tasted exactly like those which Ah Boy’s mum make at home, so OSD definitely lives up to the name of following their home-made recipe religiously.


Nasi Lemak Besar

Although the Nasi Lemak Besar ($6.90) was not listed as a Chef’s Recommendation, everyone in the restaurant was enjoying it and savouring their crispy and succulent chicken wings. Well as my Ahpa always says, good food must ‘monkey see monkey follow’, I decided to try it for myself and see if it was worthy of praise. Indeed, this was not a case of blind adherence. The jasmine rice grains were sufficiently moist yet remained distinct and did not stick together i.e. 粒粒分明. It also exudes the aroma and fragrance of pandan leaves, so it is very tasty indeed. The Chicken wings were absolutely delicious – definitely comparable to the ones at the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak. It was served warm; crispy outside, succulent and tender inside. The decadent indulgence continues with fresh otah still enclosed in the banana leaves, which was soft, smooth and not too spicy. The egg omelette was however pretty ordinary, but that did not dampen my spirit for the day, because the sambal chili was also nicely prepared. It was sweet and not too spicy, perfect for Ah Boy who is not a fan of chili. Despite its hefty price tag compared to usual hawker fare, the Nasi Lemak definitely packs a punch and is almost as good as the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak – only the rice could have been better.



OSD is definitely a place for reminiscence of the good ol’ days. Food is definitely superb for the 2 dishes which we tried. We hope to try the Hainanese Cutlet RiceMee Rebus and Chendol the next time we visit. Service wise was alright and Ah Boy was delighted to pay the bill which was served under a metallic pencil box with the usual set square and protractor. OSD also sells cakesold school snacks and toys. Definitely worth a try here.

3.9/5 Stars


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