Official Website:
Address: 26 Rue de la Buffa 06000 Nice, France
Budget: €30 for 3 courses

While browsing Tripadvisor (our best travelling buddy haha), we discovered this place that served French-Japanese fusion food near our hostel (only a 2-minute walk away!) and so we decided to head over for dinner. The food was slightly pricey but worth it! We also liked that the restaurant had a very homely ambience.


Check out their cute chopstick holder!

ImageFirst up: Complimentary salmon starter that came with a refreshing tangy dressing.


For other starters, we had Veggies done 3 ways: Simmered pumpkin, Miso Aubergine (omg my fave!) and Pickled Vegetables with Salt. Deeeeelicious.

ImageThis was what I ordered: Salmon with Soy Sauce. It was plated so well that I almost couldn’t bear to eat it.


A tried the Chicken Stew that looked slightly less appetising but nevertheless it tasted great. The stew was sweetened with mirin and sake, and the caramelised onions added a nice touch to it.

Image Pork Tonkatsu

Matcha Crème brûlée for dessert!

This is definitely the place to visit for some great quality French-Japanese fusion food. It may be slightly pricey but YOLO, so spend your money on things that are well-worth the calories. :D


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