EATING IN NICE: La Maison de Marie

Official Website:
Address: 5 Rue Massena 06000 Nice, France
Budget: About €20 per person

On our last night in Nice, we had dinner at La Maison de Marie (recommended by the hostel staff), where I finally got to try my Salad Nicoise!


Unlike the other renditions of Salad Nicoise that I’ve tried elsewhere, this had no boiled potatoes/long beans. Hmm I’m guessing that this is the more authentic version since it originated from Nice? The salad was really yummy and I finished up most of it even though we were supposed to share. :X

The other dishes that we tried were pretty palatable too!

Appetiser: Grilled Peppers with Olive Oil. This was served chilled and the peppers were really sweet!

Beef RavioliImageRed Mullet Fillet in Citron Cream Sauce

ImageWe weren’t really expecting much from the Lemon Tart since the lemon cheesecake that we tried from another restaurant the previous day was too sour. Thankfully, this version didn’t disappoint. The sweet buttery crust helped to balance off the sourness of the lemon cream, and we polished off every bit of the tart.

ImageThe Nougat Ice Cream also came as a sweet surprise despite it being an unconventional flavour.

Total damage was about €20 per person (plus a few inches on the waistline haha). That’s not too bad, given that it was QUALITY FRENCH FOOD. Nomz. Love French food! :D


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