Day trip from Nice: Antibes

By London Girl

On our last day in Nice, we thought that most shops would be closed (cos it was Sunday) so we decided to head out to Antibes for another day trip! Antibes is about half an hour away from Nice by train.


We reached there and walked along the port towards the Old Town. Antibes is rather small btw, so everywhere is accessible by foot.

The Port

Spotted a long queue at a Socca stall in the market and since we hadn’t tried it yet, we decided to join in the queue! For those of you who don’t know, Socca is a traditional pancake-like snack made of chickpea flour and olive oil. I have photos of the whole socca-making process!

Look at that socca baking in the wood-fired oven!

Fresh out from the oven!

Lady cutting our socca for us


The best part was that we got to eat freshly baked socca and not pre-made ones that had been left out to cool for ages. Nomzzzz.

It started to drizzle so we decided to take some pictures by the sea before seeking shelter at a restaurant (it was lunch time then!). Decided to give Picasso Museum a miss because we just weren’t in the mood for museums.


Lunched at this average cafe because Antibes was really small and so their selection of restaurants was kinda limited. What a waste, cos I was actually looking forward to having a nice long French lunch since it was our last day.

Ham and Mushroom Crepe

Smoked Salmon Crepe

Omelette filled with ham, cheese and mushrooms

We were a little bored by Antibes since there wasn’t much to do (plus it was raining) so we returned to Nice after lunch. Luckily for us, most shops were open although it was Sunday so we shopped the rest of our afternoon away at Place Massena before leaving for the airport.

I guess if time is a limiting factor and you really want to do a day trip from Nice, Monaco would be a better option.


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