Real Food

Official Website; view their Menu here.

Clarke Quay Outlet: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #B1-52/53, Singapore 059817
T: +65 62244492
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 930pm (Last Order 9pm)

Killiney Outlet: 110 Killiney Road, Singapore 239549
T: +65 67379516
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm (Last Order 930pm)

Square 2 Novena Outlet: 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-105/106/129 Singapore 307506
T: 63972289

Budget: <$10-20

Recommendations: See HGW; any of the all-day breakfast or Chinese options  probably wouldn’t go wrong!

Contributed by SG Boy

A few months ago, Ah Boy and London Gal (LG) visited Real Food (真食) at Clarke Quay and immediately fell in love with it.

Real Food is a 3-in-1 grocer, vegetarian/organic-cafe and bookstore, which started from a ‘humble abode’ (what they call themselves) in Central. It prides itself on using the finest organic ingredients and cooking its food the healthy way. In terms of ambience, one can definitely while his time away in this cafe nestled in the basement of Central. The Central outlet is very serene and suitable for mugging or for taitais (wealthy mature ladies) to spend their lunch or high tea sessions after yoga. On the other hand, the Novena outlet is frequented by OLs and is less conducive for a lazy afternoon, but is nevertheless an enjoyable spot for healthy and comfort food. We didn’t take any photos of the various outlets, but you can view them on Urbanfoodlover, which has a generous gallery of pictures.

The menu is very elaborate and even includes the ingredients of the various dishes and gluten-free options. For example, onions or garlic are excluded from some dishes and can be requested on demand. Real Food also boasts a plethora of options including Chinese and Western cuisine, so LG and I are always spoilt for choice. Western options include the All-Day Breakfast, pasta and pizza; while Chinese dishes include the Signature Brown Rice Set (which was not available when we visited Central) and the Dumpling Noodles.

All Day Breakfast


Veggie Omelette ($7.80)

The egg omelette with assorted vegetables comes with a melted cheese toast and some baby leaves. Eggs are my favourite and I once told LG that if there’s one thing that I need on a deserted island, it would be a hen so that I can have some comfort food while being cast away. On a serious note, the omelette was nicely done and came with veggie goodness. The melted cheese toast was pretty normal and perhaps better cheese could have been used. Nevertheless, the fresh baby leaves balanced the flavours of the dish and makes the entire dish a delightful and wholesome one.


Rise-n-Shine Breakfast ($9.80)

The Rise-n-Shine Breakfast comes with 2 Sunny-side ups (hidden below the generous serving of rocket salad, with runny yolk!), mash potatoes and sauteed wild mushrooms. Side of rocket salad and toasted artisan bread. My favourite was the sautéed mushrooms which were nicely grilled with the right amount of pepper. Very shiok! The mash potatoes were presumably cooked in salted butter (I’m not too sure) because it exudes a certain fragrance which tasted like bacon bits. Not too sure about the method of cooking, but it sure tasted good. Although a little pricey, it is definitely value for money.



Spaghetti with Beet Balls in Tomato Base

The tomato-based pasta sauce is home-made and the tomato puree is neither too thick nor sweet (homemade style). The spaghetti is also presumably made from gluten-free and wheat-free options. We will definitely check again the next time we visit. Nevertheless, it tastes slightly different from the usual pasta we have at other eateries. It was more chewy but a little harder than al dente. The Beet balls tasted like real meat balls, but were instead made from grated beet, carrot and mushrooms. Very tasty alternative to meat options. As a non-vegetarian, i loved the way they made these balls (pun unintended).

Image Grilled Veg Tomato Pasta ($10.80)

The grilled veg pasta wasn’t too much of a mind-blower. It was tasty with mushrooms, pepper and some other vegetables. Not spectacular but nevertheless comforting on my tum tum too.

Chinese Cuisine


Miso Soup (with brown rice) ($6.80 + $1)

This was yet another simple but pleasing dish. The miso soup was very light and soothing on the palette – presumably organic miso was used. It felt refreshing and I did not feel any tinge of thirst after downing it my stomach. The carrots were also thoughtfully sliced like tiny flower petals, which will definitely please the inner child in us and our unspoken love for cute bento sets and beautiful food-art.


Braised Herbal Soup Set ($8.80)

The braised herbal soup set was not on the menu and recommended by the cashier. It came with a braised egg, a few pieces of tofu (taupok), carrots, brown rice and pickles. Their brown rice consists of 5 different types of grains, of which 3 of them were clearly visible. The braised egg, according to LG, tastes very much like tea-leaves egg and was very aromatic. Their soup contained a very thick scent of star anise(八角)and did not leave one thirsty after the meal – presumably this means no MSG or minimal salt was added. The pickles looked a little like achar, but without the chili. It was a little sour yet refreshing, perfect as an appetizer or side dish. On the whole, I felt that their Chinese dishes tasted better than their Western dishes.

For non-vegetarians like me, Real Food is very appealing for its comfort food which are both healthy and delicious. The Central outlet is also suitable for a lazy afternoon after a tiring yet fulfilling yoga session or for an intense mugging session. Although Real Food is definitely on my recommendations list, I must caution that one netizen has pointed out that Real Food may not be truly meat-less after all, so vegetarians should double-check with the staff before ordering. In addition, do take note that some of the options may not be available, so do prepare yourself with 2-3 options before ordering (in case you get blown away by the myriad of options again).

Rating: 3.7/5 Ah Boy Stars


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