GUANGZHOU EATS: Bing Sheng Restaurant (炳胜)

Official Website:
Address: 168号 Tianhe East Rd,Tianhe, Guangzhou (Check website for other branches)
Tel: +86 20 8751 8682
Recommendations: Glutinous Rice Balls Coated with Peanuts, Po Luo Bao, Braised Pumpkin with Macadamia Nuts

By London Girl


First and foremost, remember to make a reservation if you’re planning to dine here! We waited an hour to be seated. :( Also, do be warned about their service. It was almost non-existent; after getting us seated at the table, the staff were nowhere in sight. They took terribly long to get our orders and the thick and extensive menu didn’t help in enabling us to decide on our orders quickly. Even after placing our orders, we waited almost an hour for the food to arrive. It was only after I demanded that they serve my food (with a very black face) that the first dish arrived. And guess what, the dessert was actually served before the mains. -.-

Fortunately for them, the food was their saving grace or we’d have cancelled all orders and left.


The Glutinous Rice Balls Coated with Peanuts were served first. Warm smooth custard oozed out of the rice balls after we took the first time. Mmm.

ImageTilapia with Bean Sauce

ImageBroccoli Stems with Ham Sauce

Braised Pumpkin with Macadamia Nuts

The Steamed Tilapia with Bean Sauce arrived next, followed by the Broccoli Stems with Ham Sauce and the Braised Pumpkin with Macadamia Nuts. Even though the cooking style of the dishes was very Cantonese (ie. too oily and salty for our liking), we felt that the food was a lot better than some random Chinese restaurants that we came across. Also, the dishes were rather well presented.

Bill came up to about 203RMB (about $10SGD per pax), which was surprisingly cheap given that it was a huge restaurant. I guess this place is worth a visit if you’re not fussy about bad service/willing to wait.

PS. We were greatly disappointed by the fact that the Po Luo Bao (菠萝包) was sold out by the time we placed our order. It seemed to be a huge hit among diners and we were looking forward to tasting them. Do try them if you get the chance to!


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