GUANGZHOU EATS: Guangzhou Restaurant 广州酒家

Official Website:
Address: No.2 Wenchang South Road (广州市文昌南路2号), Guangzhou, China
Tel: (020) 81380388 (Bookings not accepted for dimsum)
Opening Hours: 7.00-22.00 daily
Recommendations: Congee, Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Rice noodle rolls (cheung fun), Charsiew Bun, Wholemeal Bun, Egg tarts

After our horridly long wait at Bing Sheng the previous night, we learnt our lesson and decided to make reservations for dimsum at the famed Guangzhou Restaurant the next morning. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t accept bookings for dimsum, so we headed down at about 8am in the morning (they open at 7am). We were lucky as there was no queue when we arrived (whew!).


Best dimsum in Guangzhou?

Service was prompt and the waitress helped us brew our tea because we failed at doing it the Chinese way. The food was also quick to arrive; what a huge contrast from Bing Sheng!

Kettle for us to brew our tea

ImageClockwise from left: Char Siew Bao, Egg tarts, Spring Onion Pancake, Prawn Cheung Fun, Custard Buns, some Fried Shrimps thing, Dumpling Soup, Sliced Fish Congee, and Steamed Har Gao (in the Centre).
Not shown in pic: Sampan Congee, Wholemeal Buns

The piping hot congee arrived first. We ordered the 艇仔粥 (‘sampan’ congee) and the 鱼片粥 (sliced fish congee); both were delicious especially when topped with spring onions and fried crispy bits. The prawns in the 肠粉(cheungfun) and the steamed 虾饺 (hargao) were also huge and succulent. As for the buns, we tried the 叉烧包(BBQ Pork Bun), 奶黄包 (Custard Bun) and the 健康麦包 (Healthy Wholemeal Bun). The skin of the buns were all soft and sweet! The custard bun was slightly disappointing though because the custard wasn’t lava-like. The wholemeal buns, on the other hand, came as a pleasant surprise because they were loaded with deliciously sweet red bean paste. I thought they tasted like a healthier version of tau sa pao. Needless to say, the healthy buns were my favourite and I gobbled 2 of them down within minutes.

There were a few misses though; the 葱油饼 (spring onion pancake) turned out to be more like a flattened 馒头 than fried crispy onion pancakes that we were expecting. The dumpling soup was also rather plain and not worth raving about.

We were so stuffed after everything that we wanted to cancel our order for egg tarts since they hadn’t arrived. Unfortunately, the egg tarts were already prepared and we managed to stuff them down. Just like typical Cantonese-style egg tarts, the pastry crust was flaky yet not too crumbly. Thankfully the tarts weren’t too huge in size, so they were a good way to conclude our extremely filling dim sum meal. Noms.

All in all, we spent about 200++RMB (about $10 SGD per pax) for about 11 dim sum dishes. I’m not sure if this can be touted as the “best dimsum in Guangzhou” since there were several hits and misses. Also, we didn’t visit enough dim sum restaurants to make a fair comparison. Nevertheless, I think Guangzhou Restaurant is like the Tim Ho Wan of Guangzhou; definitely worth a visit!


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