EATING IN NICE: La P’tite Cocette

Official Website:
Address: 10 Rue St Augustin, 06300 Nice, France
Budget: €13.50 for 2 courses; €16.50 for 3 courses

By London Girl

The Old Town of Nice has lots of restaurants. Unfortunately, most of them are tourist traps (esp those with English menus!). We had planned to visit either Bistrot d’ Antoine or Arcchiado (both are highly recommended) but they were fully booked for lunch, so we just walked around aimlessly in search of food.

Fortunately, we stumbled upon La P’tite Cocette which was pretty empty. Since the menu looked pretty decent and we were famished, we decided to give it a try. Guess what… that turned out to be one of the best meals we had in Nice! (We went back to check the reviews on TripAdvisor and it was ranked #5! Woah, we must have been really lucky!)


Here’s the starter that I ordered. It’s basically mashed cod with potatoes, garlic & parsley. Yum.

ImageSeared Sea Bream with Orange-Butter Sauce and Pumpkin Puree

And here’s the best seabream I’ve ever eaten in my life! With orange-butter sauce and pumpkin puree. The fish tasted like it was just caught from the sea right before it was cooked – it was SO FRESH that every bit melted in my mouth!


Here’s the beef with gnocchi that Y ordered. Apparently it was great too!


Last but not least… Desserts!!! A & Y chose the Speculoos Cheesecake and Lemon Tart. The cheesecake had a lovely texture to it but we all thought the Lemon Tart was a tad too sour (well, it’s lemon after all). But nevertheless we enjoyed everything!

PS. The restaurant was filled up by the time we finished our meal although it was empty at first. Show that it’s popular! :D


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