A Day in Monaco

On the second day of our Nice trip, we enjoyed free breakfast at our hostel before heading out to catch Bus #100 to Monaco. The bus ride costs only €1 (how cheap is that?!!!)! Anyway we kinda got lost and couldn’t find the bus stop (it was supposed to be near Place Massena) even after asking several passer-bys. Ended up at Place Garibaldi where we spotted a bus stop. And guess what, I turned around and saw the bus that we were supposed to take! Woohoo, I call that traveller’s luck :D We boarded the bus and embarked on our journey to the land of rich people aka Monaco!


The bus journey lasted under an hour and we alighted at a market place. Hiked up to the palace (Palais du Prince) and did what we do best: camwhore! xD


Btw, do you know that Monaco is the second smallest country in the world? BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW! xD (FYI, Vatican City is the smallest country.)

There wasn’t really much to do there. We just wandered around aimlessly and found a quiet spot for our picnic lunch. We had expected the place to be touristy and overpriced, so we brought bread from a boulangerie in Nice, as well as some other snacks from Carrefour. :D

The view from our picnic place

After our little picnic, we proceeded to the casino. It was a pretty long walk from the palace (about 30-45 mins?) but I’m glad we found our way there. 7 Porsches were spotted within 5 minutes of our arrival. O_O


We didn’t enter the casino because we weren’t well-dressed enough. Ahwells, what a pity. I’ll be back when I’m rich one day!! *proceeds to dream* Instead, we sipped tea at Café de Paris, which was situated right next to the casino, and tried to soak in some wealthy atmosphere. Guess that was good enough for us. Chilled for quite some time at the café before catching the bus back to Nice.


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