Bari-Uma Ramen

Facebook Page:
Address: 19 Tanglin Road, #B1-01/02 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909
Tel: 68874484
Opening hours: 11:30 – 22:00
Budget: $15++ (for ramen only)

Special Report by Mr Mushroom


 Ajitama Ramen

Bari-Uma Ramen is a neat little restaurant tucked away on a pseudo-subterranean-mezzanine floor at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Beyond its rather modest façade is a spacious interior that bore much resemblance to any not-over-the-top dining establishment in Tokyo – wooden semi-partitions, chairs and tables. (Think Marutama Ramen)

The menu is a toughie – every dish therein piqued my interests but I finally settled on the Ajitama-Uma ramen. It’s listed as the Hot Seller on the menu, and as I will elaborate below, rightly so.

Good news too for the ramen aficionados out there – Bari-Uma offers a selection of noodle texture. (Firm, Original and Soft) I ordered the Original noodles but found them a little too soft for my preference. A yardstick for comparing the firmness of the Original would be that it’s slightly softer than those served by Menya Musashi.

As pictured above, the Ajitama Ramen comprises of the usual suspects – menma, a sprinkle of spring onions and a slice of Aburi-Chashu in sweet harmony with the ramen and ajitama.

The verdict? This is, in my books, THE best ramen in Singapore. (Caveat though, I believe the style of ramen served here is hakata tonkotsu ramen) It ranks above the other establishments including Ippudo (Tao as well), Marutama Ramen, Ikkousha (Ramen Champion) and Menya Musashi (which ironically was previously ranked top in my book before this review).

Now on to more serious stuff – the ramen.

The gorgeously thick broth was the amalgamation of earthy blends of shoyu and tonkotsu broth; it tasted absolutely heavenly – not too salty, not too greasy. The ajitama, albeit a little albino-looking, was rather tasty but unfortunately for me, my egg was a little damaged on the side hence a yolk that was overcooked on the outer 30%.

Menma – some hate it, some love it; it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted but the slight blandness of the menma allowed the fragrance of the broth to shine.

Aburi-Chashu. The menu described it as a ‘thick-cut flamed chashu’. A complete understatement of the actual insane quality, it was. This slice of meaty goodness was to die for. It’s of melt-in-the-mouth quality and chock-full of smoky goodness. The tenderness of the meat fibres disintegrates upon contact with the tongue, exploding into a gamut of flavours.

Note: The Aburi-Chashu is available as an a la carte side-dish for diners who prefer more meat in their ramen. (4 slices for $9) While it seems slightly pricey at $2.25 a piece, I dare say that one would definitely not regret ordering a portion for oneself.


This place is one heck of a gem where you’d find more or less true-to-fashion traditional tonkotsu ramen. They also serve yakitori at $14.80 for a 5-piece set. While I couldn’t muster more stomach space to order the yakitori, I heard from a friend that it’s really quite decent-tasting as well.

Rating: 4.485/5 Mushrooms (the 0.15 deduction was for my overcooked ajitama)


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