3 DAYS IN NICE: See, Eat, Play!

What do you do when you get mid-semester blues? My friends and I experienced that sometime in November last year with essay deadlines and heavy assignments piling on us like heavy snow falling on pavement. Hence, we embarked on a great escapade to Nice for a much-needed break.


In short: Nice was nice! For those of you who failed Geography, Nice is actually located in the southern part of France (the French Riviera).

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach
Address: 1st floor 15 rue Meyerbeer 06000 NICE, France

This has got to be one of the most amazing hostels ever! We got a really pretty private room but too bad I forgot to take pictures of it. The staff there was really warm & helpful, and the place was situated near the beach. In addition, our room was cleaned daily and towels were provided! Totally felt like we were staying in a hotel.

1. Visit the Old Town
2. Stroll along the port
3. Catch the sunset from the top of Castle Hill (timing depends on season)
4. Shop at Place Massena if you have too much time to kill (like us)
5. Just chill and relax by the beach!

Old Town

Beach! Perfect place to hang out in summer.

The Port

Sunset view from Castle Hill

La P’tite Cocette
Ma Yucca
La Maison de Marie

For the best gelato, try Fenocchio at the Old Town. (It was closed for annual break when we went in November.)

Also, don’t forget to check out René Socca (€2.80 for a portion) at 2 Rue Miralheti for one of the best socca in Nice! In case you don’t know, Socca is a thin pancake made of chickpea flour and it’s baked using a wood-fired oven! A must-try when you visit Nice. :D

Day Trip Ideas:


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