Hidden Find: Bread Yard @ SUTD

Official Website: http://www.breadyard.com.sg/
Address: Blk 4, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), 20 Dover Drive, Singapore 138682
Tel: 6779 7986
Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8am-6pm
Budget: $7.50/$6.40 for a set meal (public/student)
Recommendations: Sandwiches, Cream of Broccoli Soup

There are some days in Singapore when I just want a good old sandwich for lunch. My love for sandwiches developed while studying in London, where I survived on them for most of my first year since they formed the cheapest lunch option. Also, due to the wide availability of sandwiches with creative fillings (think Crayfish & Rocket instead of your typical Ham & Cheese), I was able to vary my sandwich choices daily according to my mood. Whenever I was lazy to cook or had limited time for lunch, I’d pop by the nearest Pret/M&S/Waitrose to grab a tasty sandwich or wrap. How convenient right?

And so…. I set out on a quest to find great sandwich places in Singapore!


Situated in SUTD, Bread Yard definitely isn’t the most convenient cafe to visit for a weekday lunch unless you happen to be in the western part of Singapore. However, since it’s just located across the overhead bridge from NUS and I was there to visit friends, I suggested going there for lunch.


Due to its hidden location, the café wasn’t too crowded when we arrived at lunchtime. The air-conditioned café was also spacious and clean, making it the perfect place for girlfriends to chill (away from the hot sun!) and catch up on each other’s lives over a nice long lunch. It’s also a great place for those who just want some quiet time for themselves, or for students who want to study in the afternoons.

The ordering system was rather fuss-free. Basically, orders are placed at the counter and the number on the receipt would be flashed on the electronic screen when the food is ready for collection.


Image I ordered the vegetarian sandwich because the hummus spread caught my eyes. I miss hummus! The Sun-Dried Tomatoes Sandwich was generously loaded with veggies on top of a thin hummus spread, held together by 2 slices of toasted homemade Carrot-Walnut bread. Although the bread was toasted, the crust wasn’t too hard and I had no trouble biting into them. I liked that their bread wasn’t too thick and hence people with smaller mouths could savour the sandwich whole without having to deconstruct it. My only gripe was that I couldn’t really taste the hummus. But then again, at that price ($6.40 for a set meal), I’m not complaining!

Other daily bread choices included the Italian Wholemeal Bread and the Hokkaido Milk Bread. I can’t wait to go back to try them on other occasions!


The set came together with Iced Tea and a side of your choice (potatoes/ salad/ nachos/ cookie/ top up extra for soup). Unfortunately, as much as I love veggies, I have to admit that the salad stood out like a sore thumb in the set meal. Instead of the western-style salad (with iceberg lettuce/rocket leaves/tomatoes), I was given oriental-style vegetables like carrots with a sesame-soy dressing. Although the salad was crunchy and tasty by itself, it just didn’t go too well with the sandwich. It was more like a mix-and-match problem. I guess the soup side was a better option to go with the sandwich, because we all agreed that the Cream of Broccoli soup (sadly no picture) was delicious.


My friend ordered the Eggs Bettino ($6.90) which was a budget version of Egg’s Benedict. Where else can you get Egg’s Ben in Singapore for that price?!!! Unfortunately, she commented that the hollandaise sauce tasted too healthy (ie. not thick enough) and the eggs weren’t really poached to perfection (one of the eggs was too raw). Nevertheless, the dish surpassed expectations with its cheap price tag.

And because ahem, it was a special day, my awesome girlfriends surprised me with a Matcha Cake! I’m surprised it was actually available there. Was so excited that I forgot to take a proper picture of it, so here’s an instagrammed version:

Unfortunately, I think dessert is probably their weakest link. The sponge was a little dry and the adzuki bean layer was a little pathetic. However, it was still decent because the matcha taste was strong enough and the cake wasn’t too sweet. Their sticky toffee pudding, on the other hand, looked really appealing and the picture on the wall seemed like it was calling out to us. Too bad we were too stuffed to inhale another dessert. Ahwells, next time then!

All in all, I think that although Bread Yard may be a little inconvenient, it’s worth the extra effort to travel there because you won’t be disappointed. It’s also a great lunch option for students studying around that area (eg. NUS students) who are sick of school food/ Holland V/ Buona Vista. So glad that I’ve found a place that does quality sandwiches without breaking my bank! :D


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