Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Cafe

Official Website: http://www.danndaily.com/
Address: 20 Eastwood Road #01-06 Singapore 486442
Tel: 64491355
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 10am-7.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Budget: $10-$20 per person
Recommendations: See HGW


This is a café that I’ve been dying to visit for the longest time ever, cos it’s the first pescetarian café in Singapore! It’s not easy to find pescetarians like me here so just imagine my excitement when I found out about Dann’s Daily. In case you’re wondering, a pescetarian is one who excludes all meat from his/her diet, with the exception of seafood (ie. vegetarian who only eats seafood).

Located at Eastwood Centre in Bedok, the café is rather inaccessible by public transport to non-Easties like SG Boy & I. We had attempted to visit the café a few weeks back and were tremendously disappointed (after an hour’s journey) to discover that it was closed due to an unexpected family emergency. Nevertheless, since we happened to be in the East again today, we decided to give the café a second chance and fulfil my ‘dying’ wish. Thank goodness it was opened!

The cosy café is ran by a couple and it holds a tiny kitchen where wholesome, healthy organic food is freshly prepared. Their menu boasts a plethora of items, ranging from Western food like pasta, sandwiches and salads to Asian food like fish soup. Healthier alternatives like wholemeal bread/wholewheat pasta are used and most importantly, their food contains no MSG! Alkaline water is served to help us detox too. :D

Curry Potato Burger

SG Boy’s Curry Potato Burger ($14) was served with a side salad and organic sea-salted chips (first picture above). The olive oil bun, dotted with a handful of sunflower seeds, was so soft and fluffy that one could probably just eat it on its own. Yum! The potatoes were also well-seasoned with curry powder and it reminded me of curry puff filling. That burger alone was enough to prove skeptics of healthy food wrong; it IS possible for food to be both nutritious and delicious at the same time! In fact, it was so delicious that SG Boy gobbled up the entire burger even before my food even arrived!

ImageFish Soup with QQ Noodles

Unlike normal fish soup found in food courts and hawker centres, my Fish Soup with QQ noodles ($12) came in a yellow broth made from vegetable stock. The soup contained a unique blend of herbs and spices and we couldn’t really figure out how to describe its taste. Unconventional vegetables like pea shoots and alfafa sprouts were also included in the soup, hence increasing its Unique Factor by a hundred times. The “QQ noodles” that I added in my soup were actually made of semolina flour. They were springy and chewy, and resembled Chinese noodles (拉面). However, although I enjoyed the dish, I wouldn’t say that it is a must-try because some people may not like the spicy/peppery taste of the soup.

We had initially wanted to try the Steamed Cupcakes since they have been touted as a “must-try” at the café. However, we decided to give them a miss because the available flavours didn’t really appeal to us.

Overall, we left Dann’s Daily feeling detoxified and satisfied. However, we feel that our chances of revisiting the café are rather low mainly due to its inaccessibility. Would definitely consider visiting them more often if they weren’t located in such a secluded place!


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