Ci Yuan Vegetarian (慈缘轩)

Address: 8 Smith Street
Tel: +65 62259026
Opening Hours: Daily: 1200 – 2300
Budget: $6 – $10
Recommendations: Nil.

Having read raving reviews about Ci Yuan Vegetarian (慈缘轩) on HGW and other food blogs, London Gal decided to visit this famous vegetarian restaurant located in Chinatown, after her daily yoga retreat.


Exterior and decor
At the outset, we noted that the restaurant was plastered with portraits of Dalai Lama, which implied some influences of Tibetan Buddhism. If you feel uneasy around such artefacts or the like, then perhaps Ci Yuan Vegetarian may not be suitable for you. That said, there is a reading corner with various types of books that diners can grab on to read over their meals.


ImageBrown Rice Set ($6.50)

We must confess that we were disappointed. For $6.50, you get atas mixed vegetable rice (known as the Brown Rice Set), which comes with vegetarian mutton curry, stir-fried vegetables, salad and braised bittergourd. From the expression on LG’s face, I could tell that she was barely impressed by the food especially since it was served cold.

ImageMushroom Aglio Olio ($6)

I picked the Mushroom Aglio Olio ($6) that was served about 3 minutes after our order. Why so fast, you might ask – that’s because it was pre-made. Had I known that it was ready made, I would probably have made it myself at home.

Service and variety of dishes
The daily menu merely comprised 5-6 dishes, and although Ci Yuan Vegetarian has its own loyal following and accompanying (outdated) positive reviews, we thought more dishes would be desirable. Despite the fact that some bloggers believed that the tastiness of each dish made up for the limited choices, we beg to differ. And so, we highly doubt that we would return any time soon.

Rating: 2.752 / 5 mushrooms


One thought on “Ci Yuan Vegetarian (慈缘轩)

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