O’Bean Organic Soya Store

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/ObeanOrganicSoyaStore (Facebook)
Address: 83 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088504 (Flagship Store)
Tel: 66364656
Opening Hours: Tues – Fri: 0930-2200, Sun & PH: 1130 – 2030, Sat: 1130 – 2200. Closed on Mondays.
Budget: <$5 (No Service Charge)
Recommendations: Soya bean milk :D

London Gal (LG) has been yearning to visit O’Bean since eons ago, but was a little hesitant after reading VeganAsh‘s less than satisfactory review. However, since we were in the vicinity of its flagship store, we decided to pop by after an uninspiring visit to Ci Yuan Vegetarian Store.

Touted to be the only organic soya bean store in Singapore, its flagship store along Tanjong Pagar Road is spacious and brightly lit. The road is also widely known as the “Wedding Gown Street”, and one would pass by rows of wedding gown boutiques striving their best to solicit business. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to miss this store, along with its neighbouring Korean restaurants.

ImageGreen Tea Soya Milk ($3.30)

For a post-lunch meal aka dessert, we tried the Green Tea Soya Milk ($3.30) because SG Boy was draining under the weather and as a thoughtful partner, he thought that it would be good for LG to replenish her nutrients after a strenuous hot yoga session. The scent of matcha was fragrant and the serving of matcha powder was indeed generous. With no sugar added (open to selection: 25%-100%), this is definitely a recommended drink for health-conscious matcha lovers.

ImageBlack Marbles ($5.60)

We also ordered their signature Black Marbles ($5.60), which were peanut-filled glutinous rice balls sprinkled with soy powder, black sesame and organic sugar. Served warm, they were very chewy but did not stick to the teeth or gums. Do be careful not to scald yourself if you attempt to gobble them down in no time. However, they tend to turn stiff upon cooling, so be sure to try them while they are hot.

As their full fledged signature store, you can expect attentive and warm service here. We also saw Mr Klee Tan, the young entrepreneur behind O’Bean, busy meddling with the interior floral arrangement. Prima facie, this is indeed one boss who stays grounded and leads by example.

And yes, despite having read several less-than-satisfactory reviews, we decided that we will return for a proper meal next time.

Rating: 3.67/5 Cups of soya milk


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