Kki Sweets ケーキ

Official Website: http://www.kki-sweets.com/; Facebook
Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill #01-00
Tel: +65 6225 6650
Opening Hours: 12 – 7pm (Tue – Sat); 1 – 7pm (Sun); closed on Mon.
Budget: $8-10
Recommendations: Cafe Domo, Antoinette (White Chocolate with mango) (10% Service Charge)

Famed for its sinful seduction (the chocolatey dome-shaped Cafe Domo), Kki Sweets is no stranger to the local fine pastry scene. The last time I visited Kki was a few years ago, because I haven’t been frequenting Tanjong Pagar for quite some time. To mark the end of my fruitful internship, my mentor brought me and my juniors here, to while away some time in the hot sunny afternoon.

Kki means ‘cake’ in Japanese and shares a common space with the Little Drom Store. Headed by Chef Kenneth and Delphine, this fine pastry eatery only provides limited amounts of delicate and exquisite Japanese cakes daily, so it would be wise to call in and reserve your cakes early! (they usually run out by late afternoon)

Pink Peach Soufflé: $7.50

I chose the Pink Peach Soufflé ($7.50) because it was the last one left (at about 2.30pm), implying signs of its popularity. The cheese is smooth and not overpowering – you have to savour it and appreciate the remnants of its sweetness. Take a sip of hot tea ($5.50) and voila, your perfect companion to a lazy afternoon.

Mont Blanc (Water Chestnut): $8.50

My junior chose the Mont Blanc ($8.50), another domed/coned shaped creation similar to Cafe Domo, perhaps inspired by the French mountain Mont Blanc. However, do not be deceived by its looks, for those hilly slopes are made of sweet chestnut paste! Below that thick paste is the all-so-sinful whipped cream, which simply melts in your mouth. My favourite part was the almond tart base, that simply tastes so good.

Mona (White Chocolate with Mango): $9.50

This is my favourite dessert of the day. The white chocolate is creamy and not too sweet. For a chocolate lover like me, this is the perfect dish. As you dig further, a hidden mango puree emerges, much to the delight of all of us.

Kinabaru (Coconut Mousse with Passion Fruit): $8.50

Mont Blanc vs Kinabalu – the battle of the mountains. I tried a similar rendition of this a few years ago and to be honest, I was not a fan of this dessert and have not changed since. However, for people who loves sour and fruity cakes, this dessert exudes a sweet and sour aftertaste, made from the essence of passion fruit.


Drop by if you’re in the vicinity and craving for some soft and silky smooth cakes! Kenneth and Delphine are really friendly people, plus – their daughter is really cute!

Rating: 3.71 / 5 Domo


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