Official Website:, click here for menu
(Raffles City Outlet) 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-74 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
(NEX Outlet) #03-08, Nex Shopping Mall, 23 Serangoon Central
(MBFC Outlet) #01-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, 12 Marina Boulevard
Tel: +65 6336 4745 (Raffles City), +6565098272 (NEX), +6566047718 (MBFC)
Opening Hours: Daily 11am-10pm
Budget: $10-20 per person
Recommendations: Bibimbap!


Ok here’s a confession: Although we’ve walked past Bibigo countless times before, we never actually bothered to check it out because it’s always empty compared to its neighbours (NamNam, Osaka Ohsho etc) and as typical Singaporeans, we have the “empty restaurant = not good” mentality. :X Hence, it was only when SG Boy came back with a handful of 1-for-1 Coupons that we finally decided to visit the place.

Unlike many stand-alone Korean restaurants in Singapore, Bibigo is a chain from Korea. Do not expect friendly ahjummas to greet you when you enter, or for refillable side dishes and free-flow tea to be served on your table after you place your order. That said, their service was rather efficient. They also have an open kitchen concept where you can watch your food being prepared while waiting for it to arrive at your table.

ImageBibigo Rice ($15) + Extra Fried Egg ($1)

Their menu boasts an interesting selection of dishes ranging from the typical Korean fare (Ginseng Chicken Soup, Bibimbap, Korean Rice Cakes) to more exotic ones like the Buckwheat Noodle Salad and Riso Nero Ice Cream (their special ice cream with crispy rice crust). Luckily for us, decision-making was made a lot easier because our coupon limited our orders to the rice sets. I chose the Bibigo Rice ($15), which could be customised to one’s liking. Mine came with Black Rice, Tofu topping (meat options are available too), and a generous serving of vegetables. Three side dishes, including kimchi, were served together with the set. Not free flow, but better than nothing!

I thought the rice seemed rather bare when it arrived, so I decided to top it with a fried egg (for an additional charge of $1). After all, what’s bibimbap without the fried egg right? The sunny side-up came with a runny yolk and after mixing it into my rice, I felt that my life was complete. Ahhhh.


For the bibimbap sets, one could choose from 4 different types of sauces: Spicy gochujang, Citron Soy Sauce, Sesame or Ssam. The dressings came in separate sachets and one could add them accordingly. I think I’ll pick the gochujang next time because bibimbap just tastes better when it’s spicy.

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood ($14)

Non-chilli lovers should steer clear of the Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood ($14), which is otherwise known as 순두부찌개 (Soondubu Jjigae), because it lived up to its name. Despite being an ardent fan of spicy food, I almost choked on the first sip. Thankfully, the bowl of warm plain rice that was served alongside the stew helped to make the spiciness more bearable. Although the stew contained a chock-full of ingredients (see pic above!), we found Bibigo’s rendition a tad too oily compared to those served elsewhere.

Thanks to our coupon, the bill came up to $17++ for 2 people. Excellent value for money right? Even for the full price, I feel that the novelty of their customisable bibimbap and the freshness of the ingredients used warrant a second visit to the restaurant. Looking forward to our next visit! :)

3.65/5 Bowls of Bibimbap


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