Nassim Hill Bakery

Official Website:
Address: 56 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Post Office #01-03, S(247964)
Tel: +65 6835-1128
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 8am-8pm. Closed on Mondays.
Budget: about $15-20 per person, excluding drinks. (No Service Charge or GST)
Recommendations: Brunch sets (eggs), sandwiches, everything!


Nestled in a hidden corner of Tanglin Post Office, Nassim Hill is yet another BBB (bakery, bistro and bar) that is still, unfortunately, relatively unheard of among our friends. Just like Kitchenette, it serves freshly baked bread and brunch dishes in the morning, as well as main courses for lunch/dinners. Their menu boasts a wide variety of food options, catering to all sorts of diners (ie. carnivores, vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians) and here’s the good news: the prices are NETT without any service charge included!


The spacious eatery can accommodate up to 50 people and provides a relatively casual dining ambience which is perfect for chilling or catching up with friends.

ImageEggs Royale ($20)

Initially, we were a little disappointed to find that they only had Eggs Benedict ($20) available on the menu. However, the waiter kindly allowed us to substitute the smoked ham with smoked salmon (& hence turning the dish into Eggs Royale), AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! :D Just like what the pictures tell you, this is probably one of the best Eggs Royale in Singapore. The eggs were poached to perfection; the creamy egg yolk oozed out with just one slit of the knife. Also, instead of typical English muffins, the Eggs Royale here are served on white ciabatta bread.

ImageBread Basket

A basket of freshly baked artisan bread, together with their homemade jam, was served alongside the dish. The bread pieces were warm and tasted like they just came straight out of the oven. Every single piece was soft and fluffy! To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about visiting Nassim Hill Bakery initially because I read that the bread there was from Freshly Baked (FB) & I wasn’t really impressed by the bread there during my last visit. However, this bread basket proved me wrong! Guess something must have gone wrong somewhere on my last visit to FB.


The Almond Brioche has got to be one of their best breads in the bakery. They sell it in a pack of 3 for $4.50 too.

Apart from breakfast food, lunch dishes such as sandwiches, salads and other main courses are available too.

Tomato Soup

The Tomato Soup (+$3 with any sandwich order) was unexpectedly impressive. It was blended into an extremely smooth puree, and the right proportion of tomatoes was used to give the soup a mild and pleasant tanginess. In fact, it was so good that we wished we had more bread at the table to soak up every single drop of it. Yumzzz.

ImageCrunchy Veggies Sandwich ($15)

According to several sources, apparently Nassim Hill’s specialty is their Hot Reuben Sandwich. But because we don’t take beef, we gave the dish a miss and ordered the Crunchy Veggies Sandwich ($15) instead. Now, don’t judge a sandwich by its name/looks. As boring as it may sound, the sandwich seemed to be a hit among many female diners because at least 3 other tables ordered it as well.


Just like its sister version at FB, the one at Nassim Hill was loaded with fresh vegetables like avocado, lettuce, Japanese cucumber, and tomatoes. It’s like every vegetarian’s dream combo. The sunflower seed bread was almost cotton-like and could be sliced apart really easily. I would totally love to have the bread for breakfast every morning! However, although I enjoyed the sandwich, I feel that only veggie lovers would appreciate this. For those who want something more substantial/less boring, please opt for the Hot Reuben Sandwich instead. I believe you won’t regret the choice.

Seriously, with its centralised location, decent prices, relaxing ambience and delicious food, what’s there to not like about this place?! I think we’ve stumbled upon yet another hidden find… and this time, it’s topped our list of the Best Brunches in Singapore.

Overall Verdict: 4/5 :D


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