So Pho @ JEM

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road #B1-08 S(608549) (JEM)
Tel: +65 6339 0059
Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10pm
Budget: about $15 per person, excluding drinks. (water chargeable at 30cents per cup)
Recommendations: Hotplate Fish Fillet


Owned by Katrina Holdings, the company that brought us popular eateries like Balithai and Honguo, So Pho is a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant situated at the basement of the newly-opened JEM in Jurong East. As we happened to be in the vicinity, we decided to check it out because we thought that the food there should be of decent standard.

Summer Roll with Prawns and Lemongrass Chicken ($4.50)

For starters, we shared the Summer Roll with Prawns and Lemongrass Chicken. It tasted pretty decent, but wasn’t very memorable. In fact, it’s just like what you can find in any other Vietnamese restaurant.

ImageHotplate Fish Fillet ($10.80)

The Hotplate Fish Fillet ($10.80), on the other hand, was more impressive. Served sizzling hot, the well-marinated fish slices were extremely succulent. The bed of caramelised onions at the bottom of the plate, together with the crunchy crushed peanuts at the top, complemented the fish slices really well. A plus point was that the dish wasn’t overly oily, unlike many hotplate dishes served elsewhere. All in all, it smelt and tasted good. Plain vermicelli noodles were also served at the side to complete the meal.

Image Vegetarian Baguette ($5.50)

Unfortunately, the Vegetarian Baguette ($5.50) actually looked more appetizing than it tasted. If you’re expecting something similar to that served at NamNam Noodle Bar (like us), then you’ll be sorely disappointed. The bread was cold and tasteless. In fact, it was so hard that one would probably suffer a concussion if we hit him/her on the head with it. The fillings were pretty average too. Waste of calories, bleh. :(

Overall Verdict
So pho… maybe not so good. Or maybe we just ordered the wrong dishes. :( Given the several hits and misses with their dishes, I guess I wouldn’t make the special trip to JEM just to visit the restaurant.  

Rating: 3.01/5


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