Taipei Eats: 一流清粥小菜

Official Website: Facebook
Address: 台北市復興南路二段104號 (Taipei City Fuxing South Road, Section 2, no 104) (View Map; located between Brown Line, Da-an and Technology Tower MRT Stations)
Operating Hours: 12pm – 3.30am (Closed on Mondays) (wef from August 2013)
Budget: about NT150-200/pax (Have a glance at the prices here)

The spread at 一流清粥小菜

After days of feasting on 鲁肉饭, 豪大鸡扒 and other oil-laden food at the famous night markets, do you feel like having something light and refreshing for a change? How about Taiwanese porridge, where porridge is served with several dishes of your choice? That was exactly what London Gal felt like having after days of feasting in Taiwan, and also the best way to get her fix of dietary fibre.

Take your pic at the wide spread of dishes

How to order: Teochew ah-hias (i.e. uncles) familiar with ordering Teochew porridge would be familiar with this. Just take your pick at the various ala carte dishes and the staff would serve them to you on a piping hot heater (unlike local Teochew porridge, which does not heat up their food), together with a pot of porridge. It’s that simple and fuss-free.

Steamed Milkfish 清蒸虱目鱼

Milkfish is a local delicacy commonly found in Taiwanese food-fare and the Steamed Milkfish here is pre-cooked and heated up upon ordering. Served with ginger slices and fermented beans, the milkfish was soft, tender and extremely refreshing.

Broccoli with Mushrooms and Carrots

For our dose of dietary fibre, we ordered the Broccoli with Mushrooms and Carrots, stir-fried with garlic. I prefer broccoli that’s broiled to extreme softness, while the ones served here were still sufficiently turgid. The mushrooms tasted like home-cooked food fare too, unlike Cantonese-styled mushrooms that have soaked up the goodness of the thick gravy. Soothing yet delicious.

Pickled Vegetables Omelette or 菜脯蛋 (NT60)

We also ordered a Pickled Vegetables Omelette, which was pan-fried upon order. The golden-brown omelette was freshly made to order, and it was fried together with Taiwanese pickled vegetables otherwise known as 菜脯 and spring onions. It takes skill to make a fluffy omelette, and I think the people at 一流清粥小菜 managed to achieve that. I am a sucker for omelettes, so do leave a comment if you thought otherwise!

Braised Beancurd or 卤豆腐 (NT20)

How can you do without braised dishes for porridge? For us, the Braised Beancurd tasted very much like the ones in Singapore – nothing very much special about it.

Free Flow Sweet Potato Porridge

Last but not least, the free-flow sweet potato porridge came in a pot and we could barely finish it. The sweet potatoes in Taiwan are exceptionally tender and sweet, although I would have liked them to be a little softer.


All in all, this was a satisfying detox meal for us. If 一流清粥小菜 isn’t to your liking, this stretch of “Porridge Street” also houses 小李子 (Vegetarian Stations available) or 無名子清粥小菜, which also open till late. For soya bean junkies, 永和豆浆大王 is also located down the street. And the best of all, we didn’t have to wait at all before getting a seat here. Perfect for the health-conscious!

Rating: 3.68/5



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