Taipei Eats: 豐盛食堂

Official Website: Facebook
大安區麗水街1-3號, Taipei, Taiwan (Click for the map here and Namecard details here) (Dongmen Station)
+886 2 2396 1133
Operating Hours: 11:30 -14:00 (Lunch); 17:00 – 21:00 (Dinner) (Reservations recommended)
Budget: NT300-600/pax(Prices: here)

Interior of 豐盛食堂

If you do a quick search on Google, you would realise that there probably aren’t many blog posts written in English on 豐盛食堂 (Feng Sheng Shi Tang). On the contrary, there are however a plethora of Taiwanese blogs raving about the eatery. What does this mean? This means that 豐盛食堂 is a well-known place among Taiwanese locals and a must-visit when locals bring their friends out for dinner; which was the case for us.

Starter: Sliced Onions

My Taiwanese friend, being the extremely hospitable host she is, brought us here because she wanted us to have some “warm and decent home-cooked food fare”. If you were heading for Din Tai Fung or Kao-chi, you probably would not notice this eatery tucked in the corner of 麗水街, which is just parallel to Yongkang Street. The starter was Sliced Onions, which was barely sufficient to go around for 5 people, but it did not seem to bother us because we were busy catching up in the bustling eatery.

ImageKonjac with Brocolli and Salted Egg Yolk

ImageStir-Fried Chinese Cabbage

Chinese love to stir-fry their dishes, and I feel that the high flame used to stir-fry vegetables brings out the aroma and tender texture of greens. The Stir-Fried Chinese Cabbage is fried with anchovies and garlic, but you can also vary the ingredients if you have any dietary restrictions. With some anchovy to enhance the sweetness of the dish, what was served was simple but heartwarming.

Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Potato (土豆鱼片)

This is a signature dish. Taiwanese love deep-fried food, such as chicken chop and pork chop, so you can expect the fish fillet here to be superb as well. After the first step of deep-frying, the dish is then stir-fried with peanuts, scallions and potatoes, and finally garnished with doumiao. The golden brown fish fillet was crispy on the outside, while remaining tender and chewy in the inside. Both chopped and minced peanuts enhanced the texture of the fillet, making it a palatable dish.

Stir-fried Pork Ribs with Yam (芋头排骨)

The cooking method for this dish is almost similar to the Deep-fried Fish Fillet with Potatoes. The finely-chopped yam cubes were first fried and then stir-fried with seasoned pork ribs and some chilli flakes. Nothing mind-blowing, but the both the yam cubes and pork ribs were sufficiently soft and tender. Meat-lovers would probably love this dish, since the pork tendons were soft as well.

ImageSignature Prawn Rolls (招牌蝦卷)

Another signature dish of 豐盛食堂, the Signature Prawn Rolls (NT100) (yes, it was named signature indeed) contained overflowing fruits, such as tomatoes, pineapples and other vegetables. Oddly, we can’t really see the highlight of the dish – it seems like the star was the veggie goodness instead of the prawns. That said, the spring roll was crispy and not too oily, suitable for health-conscious eaters.

ImageGarlic Oysters with Bean Sprouts (葱泥蚵)

As advised by the servers, these baby oysters must be eaten warm and immediately to retain its freshness. Indeed, the baby oysters were richly seasoned, fresh and chewy. The bean sprouts in soy sauce balances both the general taste and texture of the dish, as one would probably get really sick after too much oysters.

Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭)

The last Braised or Minced Pork Rice I had was at Formosa Chang, which failed to satisfy my tastebuds. It was unfortunate that the 卤肉饭 here tasted mediocre or average at best too. I’ll recommend the one at 嘉义鸡肉饭 instead, located near Mudan House.

Mixed Vegetables Soup

The Mixed Vegetables Soup was also a fairly simple and average dish. Broiled with cabbage, capsicum, mushrooms and onions, this soup is rich with ingredients but failed to satisfy me too. I would prefer the Cantonese style of soup instead.

You can probably call 豐盛食堂 a hidden find among tourists, but it is supposedly extremely popular among locals. The price tag was not cheap, at about NT300-400 per person. Service-wise, I thought that the servers could have been more understanding, since they rushed to give us the bill the moment we finished our food (perhaps they were preparing to entertain more guests before closure at 9pm). Most importantly, I realised that while other guests were served desserts and fruits, we were not. (?!) Maybe we’re just unlucky, but if your local friend brings you to 豐盛食堂, do oblige, because I guess the food there suits their palette. For us, I am of the honest opinion that the dishes are pretty average, and not mind-blowing. You might probably have a more gratifying meal at Kao-chi or Din Tai Fung instead.

Rating: 3.64/5


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