Hualien Part I: Overview

Hualien Part I: Overview
I. Accommodation
II. Transport
III. Sights and Attractions

I. Accommodation

I must admit that I’m a difficult traveller – I want the best quality for the cheapest price. Who doesn’t, right? So for Hualien, we chose to stay at Hotel Bayview for the first night and Hualien 11 for the next 2 nights, lured by the positive reviews for both options.


The Very Scenic Hotel Bayview (and spot the moon)

Hotel Bayview
Official Website:
Hotel Address: No 10, Mingtan St, Xincheng, Hualien
Tel: 03-823-2345
Price: 2088NT for Standard Double Room (Mountain View)
Room Tip: If possible, book early and choose the Sea-View Room with Balcony.

Unexpected upgrade to double King-sized Bedroom

ImageWall-mounted LCD TV and Comfy Teak Sofas

ImageThe “Mountain View” out of the window
ImageComplimentary BeveragesImage

Shower Facilities


Complimentary Bicycle Rental (from sunrise to sunset)

Comments and Review
We first read about Hotel Bayview on rubbish eat rubbish grow, and did some further research on Tripadvisor. For a start, this hotel is located near the famous Chixing Tan (七星潭), which is about 30mins’ drive from Taroko Gorge. Although it’s a distance away from Hualien Train Station and the city centre (about 15-30min drive), we felt that the view of the Pacific Ocean is totally worth the price and distance. Moreover, there is complimentary breakfast, bicycle rental and broadband wifi service (lobby and hotel room). Most importantly, Juan (the host) is extremely helpful and will assist you with the booking of tours or any other requests. the staff also offered to send us to Hualien 11 the following day, which we were deeply grateful for. There is thus no doubt that Hotel Bayview deserves the honour of Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice for 2 consecutive years.

Eating Places near Chixing Tan (七星潭)
Family Mart
Hualien 11 (眺望云海)
Official Website:; HostelWorld
Address: 花蓮市國富13街54號 (No. 54, Guo Fu 13th Street, Hualien City)
Tel: 0982-939666 (Lisa Han)
ImageThe Queen-sized Bed
ImageThe Very Spacious Room

Comments and Review
At 1000NT/double/night, Hualien 11 is no doubt the cheapest accommodation for our entire Taiwan trip. They also provide free pick-up to and from the train station (available from 8am – 8pm) (but not transport to and fro the airport) and can advise you on activities such as whitewater rafting/trip to taroko gorge (available for arnd $30-40 SGD). Although the room was extremely spacious, LG was somewhat unhappy with the lack of lift facilities, since we had to carry our luggage all the way to the fourth floor. Moreover, although it is located in the city centre (15min walk from Ziqiang Night Market), it can be pretty secluded, as the driver for Hotel Bayview took some time to locate Hualien 11. All in all, we are not exactly complaining because the minsu host, Lisa, is extremely hospitable and accommodating, so we are actually getting value-for-money service.


Decent Shower Facilities 


II. Transport

From Airport to Airport or to City Centre

There are no buses in Hualien and taxi meters typically start at about NT110.

III. Sights and Attractions


The Iconic Red Bridge of Taroko Gorge


Admiring the marvel of Mother Nature – Taroko Gorge

Must-visit sites in Hualien include the Taroko Gorge and Chixing Tan. However, where possible, try not to visit these tourist attractions on weekends and bring your own food, as the food sold at these places tend to be expensive and unpalatable (as advised by RERG). We were also told that driving along Highway 11 would be a marvel, but since we did not dare to / could not drive in Taiwan (left-hand drive), we opted to cycle along Chixing Tan instead. Nevertheless, the scenery was breathtaking:


Cycling along the scenic Chixing Tan 


Sunrise at Chixing Tan

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  4. Hi thanks for your review about bayview hotel, just wondering if u know what are the hotels next to the same street or along the same street?

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