Recipes – A Bistro by SHATEC (The Treasury)

Official Website:
Address: 100 High Street #01-03, The Treasury, Singapore 179434
Tel: +65 6338 2798
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat: 9am to 10pm (closed on Sun and PH)
Budget: $15 – $20 (we spent $50.75 for 3 pax and 4 courses each)
Recommendations: Pan-Seared Salmon, Grilled Chicken and Desserts


SG Boy first came across apprentice cooks from SHATEC in 2010 when he visited Northlight School for his volunteer activity. In Northlight School, some of the students are taught by SHATEC cooks and dish up amazing dishes served in a school-setting cafe/bistro (mind you, these are students ranging from 13-16 years old). I can still remember the crispy fish and chips that were cooked just nice – not too dry nor oily. Therefore, when my JC pals suggested visiting Recipes near their workplace, I readily agreed.

Part Buffet Lunch Deal

I must say that the Lunch Deal is a great bargain – At prices ranging from $14 – $22, you get at least 4 courses: free flow salad bar, free flow soup, a main course, free flow desserts and a choice of coffee/tea. In addition, SAFRA members enjoy 15% discount, so that pretty much off-sets the 10+7% Service/GST surcharges. A conducive place to enjoy quality food at wallet-friendly prices, yet allow these apprentices at SHATEC a wonderful opportunity to hone their skills. (Note: the prices are very competitive indeed. If you dine at other restaurants for such a spread, the price would probably be at least 50-100% more.)

We didn’t take photos of the salad spread, but there was rocket salad, tuna tofu, and a few other cold dishes. As for the soup, we had Potato Leek Soup which was very smooth and soothing on the palette. They even have staff to serve you specially at the soup counter.


Pan-Seared Salmon with Potato Puree ($18.90++)

As for the main course, I chose the Pan-Seared Salmon with Potato Puree ($18.90++), which was recommended by my JC senior. indeed, the meat was tender and not too stiff or tough for my liking, as I prefer half-baked to fully-cooked salmon. While the meat remained tender, the fish skin was baked to a hue of golden brown and tasted very crispy. My only grouse was that the potato puree could have been more buttery and smoother. Nevertheless, this dish is definitely recommended.

ImageGrilled Chicken with Mashed Potato and Greens ($16.90++)

My JC senior opted for the Grilled Chicken with Mashed Potato and Greens ($16.90++), which also surpassed out expectations. The Grilled Chicken was moist in the inside, while its skin was crispy on the outside. It was so delicious, she finished it before I did and was ready for desserts.

ImagePasta Set Lunch ($14.90++)

My JC friend chose the Pasta Set Lunch ($14.90++), which consisted of penne in cream sauce with peas. This is a dish which probably wouldn’t go wrong, but works fine for pasta lovers who need their dose of carbohydrates.

ImageDessert Platter

And then comes the time for Desserts. I would say that the dessert spread here is pretty promising. With fresh seasonal fruits, bread and butter pudding, tiramisu, chocolate brownie and profiteroles, the Dessert Platter satisfied my sweet tooth and left me lingering for more. I wish I could pack them back for tea!


Last but not least, their coffee cups resemble those from artisan cafes or high-end restaurants, which pretty much amused us a little (for the price that we were paying). If you can, laze around or people-watch lawyers strolling down into Supreme Court and just chat a while longer with your friends or colleagues. This is indeed a nice place to laze your afternoon. So much so, I came back for afternoon tea the next day…

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon at Recipes starts from 3pm. At just $4.50++, you get to enjoy a cake and a choice of coffee/tea, which pretty much adds up to the rough price of a Ya Kun Kaya Toast set. My pals and I pretty much agreed that this was a much better deal compared to consuming mediocre cakes at other chains (not to mention names, but think chains that offer half-price cakes after 8.30pm. Yes.)

ImageChocolate Tiramisu

Contrary to popular belief, ‘Tiramisu’ does not mean ‘I miss you’, but ‘pick-me-up’ in Italian. That said, I love Tiramisu and the various layers of this cake are done delicately. As a chocolate lover, I find the sweetness of the chocolate just nice for my liking, and the whipped cream was not overwhelming. Not mind-blowing to be honest, but I give credit for the apprentice pastry chef for whipping up something worthy of mention.

ImageNew York Cheesecake

I would say that the New York Cheesecake was not as well-executed as the Chocolate Tiramisu. The cheese was a little flaky for Mr Mushroom’s liking, while Muscle Man thought it was pretty decent. Known for being picky and unforgiving, Mr Mushroom quickly dismissed these flaws, when the playlist started playing his favourite band – X Japan. Well-done SHATEC, your playlist just rocked the socks out of Mr Mushroom. He WILL be back. Just remember to play the correct playlist.

Overall Verdict

Recipes also offers free workshops for the public, of which many are offered at competitive prices. In addition, you can check out their Instagram photos before paying them a visit. Looking for a place where you can find quality food at wallet-friendly prices, coupled with ambience and warm service? Recipes is the place to drop by.

Rating: 3.95/5


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