Yoga in Taiwan

Writer’s Note:
Is yoga an indispensable part of your lifestyle (also see the Myths and Facts of Yoga)? Feeling hectic from all the travelling and you need some time to find your inner peace? This post is dedicated to the yogis who wish to travel to Taiwan but still hope to integrate their yoga routine into their itinerary.

At first blush, you must be wondering about the relevance of this post: aren’t we a food and travel blog (f.a.t)? Yes, we are a f.a.t blog, and f.a.t bloggers need their workout too. And so, if all that travelling is too hectic for you (yes, if you’re a yogi) and walking around to find good eats isn’t sufficient for you to shed the extra kilos, you might need to find a yoga studio to sweat it all out. Let us share with you some of the results of our research:


Yoga Journey
Address: 3F, 222, Fu-Xing s. rd. sec.1, Da-an district, 106, Taipei ,Taiwan
Nearest MRT station: Chung-Hsiao Fu-Xing, exit 2
Tel: 02-6638-8889
Remarks: *remember to call them up upon arrival in Taipei

Yoga Journey provides free trial classes which are subject to availability. Our minsu host at Mudan House (Doris) was very kind to help us contact the studio, but unfortunately the slots were all taken up. In any case, we would advise you to email them before setting off, because Wifi access can be tricky while travelling.


You might be surprised: but there are indeed yoga studios situated in the private residences of some locals. We walked past one such studio in the vicinity of Country Father but it looked like one run by ahjumma, though it looked pretty legit. Do drop us  a note if you uncover this hidden gem.


Full Lotus Yoga (展蓮瑜伽)
Address: 西區明義街81號
Directions: Very close to the Zhongming and Taichungang intersection. The building is beside a teppanyaki restaurant with a red sign (see pictures below), and we’re on the second floor. Finga’s Restaurant and Early Bird Cafe are both nearby.

ImageBillboard of FLY at the ground floor

This happened to be our only yoga retreat for the Taiwan trip and we felt entirely refreshed after the session. Although they do not have hot yoga facilities as of now, the yoga studio exudes a certain aura of serenity that cannot be described by simple words. Our instructor, Eric, was extremely patient with us, because I was only a beginner with yoga. Nevertheless, we took things slowly, regulated our breathing and attempted some of the run-of-the mill yoga positions. That said, the foundational poses command the utmost concentration and discipline, so we left recharged and ready for more gastronomic adventures (we had Taichung Miyahara Ice-Cream in that same afternoon).

ImageFull Lotus Yoga Studio

ImageHappily posing with another yoga instructor (Eric was too shy!)
(Photo Credit: Pororo and Despicable Me)

ImageEntrance of FLY

ImageLook out for their logo

So yes, we would recommend Full Lotus Yoga because it was fun, restorative, the instructors were English-speaking and best of all, it was a free trial class! After the yoga session, we also had a short chat with Eric, about how he came to Taichung, his lifestyle there and his adventures as an expatriate in Taiwan. All in all, yogis should drop by FLY!

Yoga in Singapore

On a side note, if all that binging and feasting has turned you to the round side (not dark side of course), you may also consider the following yoga studios in Singapore:

Yoga Movement: more suited for ad-hoc classes
Affinity Yoga: they have groupon deals (unlimited access for 1 month) once in a while

If you’re looking for free yoga trial classes, also check out lululemon, which is currently conducting free yoga by the river classes along the Singapore River. Bring your mat along, though (for the outdoor classes).

Disclaimer: We are not paid for advertising. We merely introduce studios which we have been to and are of the opinion that they should be recommended. Do make your informed decision before heading to any studio!



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