Hualien: Ziqiang Night Market 自强夜市

Website: Hualien Government Website
Address: Hualien County Ji-an Village, intersection between Heping Road and Ziqiang Road (花蓮縣吉安鄉和平路和自強路口)
Enquiry Tel: +886 3 832 2141
Operating Hours: 17:00 – 02:00 (Peak hour from 20:00 to 00:00)
Budget: NT220 – 300 (we spent NT250 for 2 pax)

Quick List of food at 自强夜市
1. Chiang’s Family Coffin Boards (蔣記花蓮式棺材板)(NT$45++ for each sandwich)
2. “Too Wonderful for Words” Fruit Juice Shop (“妙不可言”果汁店)(NT15 – 20 per cup)
3. North Harbour Spring Rolls (北港春捲) 
(NT 35 – 40)
4. Lee’s Cantonese Porridge (李記廣東粥) (NT$60 to NT$100 per bowl)
5. Number One BBQ (第一家烤肉串)(NT10 – 20 per stick)

ImageWelcome to Hualien Ziqiang Night Market!

Zi-qiang Night Market (自强夜市) is a must-visit for foodies in Hualien City. Incidentally, the night market is small and not too crowded, and we preferred it to the overcrowded and noisy night markets in Taipei. Although Zi-qiang Night Market might be physically smaller compared to its gargantuan Taipei cousins, this Night Market has everything you need to satisfy your craving for affordable and delectable food.

1. Chiang’s Family Coffin Boards (蔣家花蓮式棺材板)

Chiang’s Family Coffin Boards (蔣記花蓮式棺材板)

ImageMenu: If you look hard enough, there are animal caricatures in the Chinese Characters 

If you expected the Taiwanese to be a superstitious lot who shuns at the thought of selling coffins or ‘coffin boards’, then you’re probably wrong. ‘Coffin boards’ or colloquially knowns as 棺材板 makes for a good starter at Ziqiang Night Market. They are made from thick toasted bread, with the centre portion removed to make space for anything ranging from beef, pork or seafood stew. The external crust is left golden crispy, with a flap opening like a mini coffin. Not sure if this was how it got its name, but it sure is an innovative yet appealing innovation.


ImageFlap opening like a Coffin Board – The Taiwanese in Hualien sure aren’t superstitious. 

Our Seafood Stew Coffin Board (南瓜海鲜)(NT50) was a mix of succulent prawns and fresh squid with tasty pumpkin broth. (Apologies for the picture because I had a hard time turning the flap over while London Girl went to purchase her fruit juice). It was really tasty and we finished it in no time. We would advise you to look for a seat and dine in, since there is free flow milk tea and drinks!

ImagePreparing the Coffin Board – luckily it’s just bread.

ImageHualien Scissors-hands

2. “Too Wonderful for Words” Fruit Juice Shop (“妙不可言”果汁店)

ImageLong queues at the Fruit Juice Stall – Too wonderful for words?

While I was waiting for the Coffin Board, London Girl went over to the nearby  “Too Wonderful for Words” Fruit Juice Shop (“妙不可言”果汁店) to purchase her daily dose of fruity goodness. I can probably understand why this shop is so named. The fruit juice here is simply amazing! The fruits in Hualien are really exceptionally sweet and tasty and to squeeze them into a cup of liquid form is simply heaven for fruit juice lovers. That said, we do caution that local bloggers have commented that sometimes you may end up with a diluted cup, but I’m sure that’s once in a blue moon. 

3. North Harbour Spring Rolls (北港春捲) 


We were just making our rounds in the Night Market when we chanced upon this gem: North Harbour Spring rolls (北港春捲).

The friendly boss: Very affordable at NT45 each.

Our prize for queuing: Spring Rolls!

ImageClose up of our om nom Spring Rolls

4. Lee’s Cantonese Porridge (李記廣東粥)

Operating Hours: 16:00 – 00:30 hours

ImageLee can cook! 

ImageMenu at Lee’s Cantonese Porridge 

Craving for some light porridge after days of binging at Taiwanese night markets? Look no further, Ziqiang night Market has the perfect option for you – Lee’s Cantonese Porridge. With Abalone Chicken Porridge, Fish Porridge and Century Egg Pork Porridge ranging from NT 60 to 90, Lee is definitely bound to make your stomach happy.

ImageGarden Vegetables Porridge 田园蔬菜粥

Every bowl of porridge at Lee’s comes free with pork floss topping or a choice of other toppings, so it’s really value for money. We opted for the Garden Vegetables  Porridge (NT60) as a detox option, but was pretty full after the spring rolls and coffin boards. Honestly, we felt that the texture of the rice grains was not as smooth as we wanted it to be, but the broth was sufficiently seasoned. That said, if you want a healthier option in Hualien, do consider Lee’s.

ImageCheck out the generous portion of pork floss topping

5. Number One BBQ (第一家烤肉串)

The massive insane crowd in front of Number One BBQ

If you’re a protein buff or just simply a carnivore, head down to Number One BBQ (第一家烤肉串) right away. Touted as the must-try at Ziqiang Night Market, the queue is incredibly long (waiting time of 30min-1hr or more) and we would advise you to get a queue number, walk around and come back for your food. As you would have guessed, we didn’t try this at all since we couldn’t even finish our porridge (had to take-away) and didn’t quite fancy BBQ food. Well, perhaps next time we’ll be back for some beer and BBQ!

Pls continue on to Hualien Part II: Itinerary (Day 7) (upcoming)


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