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About the Blog

fatsgboy is a community blog started by Sgboy and London Gal (LG), with occasional contributions from our friends such as Mr Mushroom. The word ‘f.a.t’ has two meanings; first, it is an acronym for “food and travel”, since this blog aims to document the food and travel adventures of our pretty much mundane life. The second meaning is a constant reminder to sgboy that he needs to get out of his sedentary lifestyle and start exercising like a workhorse (like how a yoga fanatic LG is). That’s not to say that we frown upon people who may look chubby and cute. They are very adorable and we love Mr Mushroom.

We started this blog because we wanted to have a keepsake for our photos and travel experiences, while sharing some of the good eats and travel itineraries with our friends. We are always on the lookout for good and affordable food, and do not profess to be professional gourmet foodies. Last but not least, we hope that this journey would allow us to re-discover ourselves and hopefully there will be fond memories worthy of sharing when we grow old.

SG Boy’s Profile


The founder of this blog, SG Boy is a part-time foodie (wanna-be-only lah) and full-time Hokkien uncle. He enjoys Asian cuisine including Korean and Japanese food, and is a great fan of the K-pop movement. Usually, SG Boy or Ah Boy enjoys mixed vegetable rice as his staple food, or dines at home. On weekends, he goes on food adventures (not that exciting actually, act yi ge only) with LG to discover new or popular eateries.

London Girl’s profile


An ordinary girl who developed a flair for cooking/baking while studying in London, LG is super health-conscious (in a healthy way, of course) and is #1 on most people’s “Healthiest Friends” list. She spends majority of her time (too much, actually) surfing food blogs/experimenting in the kitchen/travelling/stoning/doing everything else except proper work. Last but not least, she aspires to be a tai-tai and is currently on a quest to find her inner peace. Namaste.

Mr Mushroom’s profile

A self-professed foodie (duh, though the expression is rather clichéd in contemporary times) with a penchant for, inter alia, Japanese cuisine. Known to be a hyperbolical, not diabolical, critic offood both within and without the eating establishment.

Mr Mushroom’s Suggested Food Rating Schematics

5 Mushrooms – epically out-of-this-world, machiam like eating at an authentic [insert cuisine name] food joint in the relevant country.
4 Mushrooms – really enjoyable gastronomic experience, well worth trying.
3 Mushrooms – generally enjoyable experience.
2 Mushrooms – food served is somewhat edible.
1 Mushroom – debatable whether a single penny should be spent here

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