Fill a Pita (Shenton House)

Official Website: Facebook
01-02 Shenton House,  3 Shenton Way, Singapore, Singapore 068805 (Map[Opposite SGX Building]
Opening Hours:  Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 15:00; Sat: 12:00 – 14:00
Tel: 9835 1446 (deliveries available)
Budget: $4-$8 (cash only)
Recommendations: Falafel Sandwich (Menu)

ImageIf there is one word to describe Fill a Pita, it would be ‘sincerity’.

I first read about Fill a Pita on StretchCity, a yoga lifestyle website related to wellness and eco-living in Singapore. However, when I did a further search for more reviews on Fill a Pita, there seems to be sparse commentary on the eatery. As I had been craving for falafels (made of chickpea patties) the whole week, I decided to make a trip down after my weekly yoga retreat.

ImageThe Ordering Area

Launched in April this year, Fill a Pita operates within a coffee-shop located at the ground floor of Shenton House (i.e. opposite SGX Building). At first glance, one might be surprised to find the Middle Eastern eatery along-side traditional caifan (mixed vegetable rice) and tze-char (Chinese stir-fried) stalls in the vicinity; but if you look closer, the reason is simple. Catering to the business lunch crowd, its humble location is ideal to keep its prices affordable and competitive. In fact, if you compare the prices with The Soup Spoon, Pita Pan or other restaurants in Arab Street, Fill a Pita remain very affordable for its quality offered. As I was waiting for my freshly-made falafels, the kopi (coffee) auntie at the neighbouring stall casually asked for my order, and I called for a milo-bing (iced milo). And when my falafel sandwich arrived, a curious auntie at an adjacent table walked over and asked me if that was ‘fish or chicken’. Talk about the perks of situated in a coffeeshop.

ImageStretch City Promo: Complimentary Hummus Dip 

The employees at Fill a Pita have been extremely helpful and warm. When I ordered my Falafel sandwich, the server offered to add extra lettuce and tomatoes, and apologised for the wait since the falafels would be freshly baked. In addition, when I asked if the StretchCity promo was still on (i.e. Like their Facebook page to enjoy a free hummus), the server said he didn’t need to check if I’ve liked their page (although I did in advance), and he would just give me the complimentary hummus dip. Wow. It’s a pity that I didn’t get the opportunity to speak to the owner, Hassan, as StretchCity reports that he remembers your orders once you’ve visited his eatery for twice or more!

ImageFalafel Sandwich with Complimentary hummus Dip , extra falafel and Freshly toasted pita bread: all for the affordable price of $8

ImageClose up at the Falafel Sandwich

Now to the food. The Falafel Sandwich ($8/whole pita; $4.50/half pita) in whole meal pita bread was served with generous amount of fresh lettuce and tomatoes, 3 falafels and copious amounts of tahini sauce. The overwhelming tahini sauce was so much that they leaked out of the wrapper, though I am not complaining at all. An extra falafel and a few slices of freshly toasted pita bread were also served on the house. For the price of $8, I felt that I got a pretty decent meal for my Saturday post-yoga lunch. The whole-meal pita pocket was also freshly toasted, and they tasted impeccable even when I brought them home because I couldn’t finish the complimentary treats.

ImageThe extra Falafel that still tastes so good at home

Having had a whole pita bread with 3 falafels, I decided to pack the remaining falafel, hummus dip and one slice of bite-sized pita bread home. The pack-away containers were free-of-charge and to my pleasant surprise, the server even added an extra serving of tahini sauce! The last time I was overwhelmed by such hospitable service was in Taiwan or in Michelin-starred restaurants. And therefore, I think Fill a Pita is worthy of the compliment ‘sincerity’. (And while I wax lyrical about the five-starred service I enjoyed, I hope Hassan isn’t bothered by the fact that his employee gave away so many complimentary items!)



Middle Eastern food is hard to come by in Singapore, and decent ones even harder. While I would say that the falafel wrap at London Borough Market remains my top favourite, I think the falafels at Fill a Pita stands as a strong contender. My next stop for falafels would be Pita and Olives, which was recommended by Hungry Ang Mo’s reader as the best Israeli restaurant in Singapore. Hope to keep you updated of my food adventures.

Rating: 4.29/5 falafels

Tip for Vegans: they offer their falafels with no garlic upon request.


Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru Singapore (漁師寿司); 活けいけ丸 シンガポール

Official Website: Facebook
177 River Valley Road B1-48 Liang Court Singapore 179030 (Map[Near Medi-ya]
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 9.50pm
Tel: 63371022
Budget: $15 – $25
Recommendations: Udon with Sushi Set, Salmon Sushi
ImageNestled in the basement of Liang Court and rubbing shoulders with other Japanese heavy-weights such as Marutama Ramen and Tampopo, one would expect Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru to possess some tricks up its sleeve to remain in the competition for so long. Barely 2 years old, the secret to Ryoshi’s success is “value-for-money“. As a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, it serves affordable sushi and udon at wallet-friendly prices, if you compare the quality that you’re getting with the prices paid.

While waiting for our seats (about 10-15min on a weeknight), we had a glimpse at the plethora of choices and were spoilt for choice. We were told by the manager that the wide variety of fishes was due to the fact that the owners were seafood suppliers themselves, and therefore able to provide the fresh stock at such competitive prices. In addition, shipment arrives on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you know when to plan your visit.

ImageTempura Udon with Sushi Set ($16.40++)

3 out of 4 hungry boys opted for the Tempura Udon Sushi Set, as the piping hot ebi caught our attention while waiting for our seats. Moreover, what is a visit to a sushi restaurant without sushi? Therefore, having tempura, udon and a sushi set was the ideal choice for us. We unanimously agreed that the soup base for the udon was clear, refreshing and not too salty for our liking. The noodles tasted a little like chinese flat noodles and were cooked a little softer than al dente. We have no complaints thought, as we slurped them down before Mr Mushroom’s order arrived.

ImageThe Sushi Platter (additional $6.80 to any Udon Set)

The Sushi platter comprises 7 types of sushi (from left to right), including Maguro (Tuna), Fresh Squid, Salmon, Kohada (Gizzard Shad), Mushi Ebi (Shrimp), Inari Sushi (Marinated Sushi Rice in Sweetened Tofu pouch) and finally Tamago (Egg). The fresh squid was both succulent and chewy, while the Kohada was lightly vinegared and mildly refreshing. Our favourite and highlight of the dinner was the salmon nigiri sushi, which left a sweet aftertaste in our palette. It was so nice, Muscle Man even went for a second serving of salmon sushi from the conveyor belt.

ImageOther Udon Choices: also check out the Japanese style English spelling for Salmon.

ImageTempura: Ebi, Lady’s Finger and Brinjal

The Tempura does not disappoint: it was served piping hot and the prawn remained intact as you chew into the batter (Shrimps that were below average freshness would usually fall apart from its batter casing). And there is no doubt that we just love fried food :)

ImageMixed Sushi Set

Mr Mushroom is a man with great ambitions and expectations: when we made our order on the iPad, he couldn’t make up his mind and after 10 gruelling minutes, he chose the Mixed Sushi Set, of which looked so fanciful, he couldn’t bear to eat it. And when he decided to start, he realised there was Nattō, of which he was averse to. Well, we can only say that he enjoyed it after all. Exotic choice indeed.

ImageFried Squids

Mr Mushroom also ordered the Fried Squids and it was pretty decent as well. If you are not driving, this goes really well with beer.



A wise man once said that if you spot Japanese at any restaurant, you probably would not go wrong. Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru is probably one of them. If you’re expecting mid to high end sushi or sashimi, we think that you might have a more enjoyable experience at Chikuwa Tei. However, if you’re looking for fuss-free and affordable sushi, look no further. We however note that they have a unique method of calculating the prices, i.e. by adding coloured plates to your table, instead of merely calculating the prices with the electronic system. One HGW commentator has remarked that he was overcharged with this system, so do beware and check your bill before paying.

Rating: 3.69 / 5 Sushi

P.S. The owners of Ryoshi also own another restaurant located at Robertson Quay, called Ginza Kuroson Singapore. In addition, Ryoshi’s name card is shaped like a sushi, so do pick up one as you pay the tab!

Lady M Confections Singapore (Marina Square)

Official Website:; Facebook
Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-103, Singapore 039594 (Map) [Near Pita Pan and St Marc]
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 9.00pm
Tel: 6822 2095
Budget: $7 – $10++ (we spent $44 for 4 pax, including a cup of coffee. Prices listed are exclusive of 10% + 7% Service and GST Charges)
Recommendations: Everything is nice here, but the signature Mille Crepe is a must (Menu)


ImageThe Menu

Touted to be one of the must-try restaurants in New York, Lady M Confections has finally arrived on the shores of our sunny island. In fact, the store situated at Marina Square is also Lady M’s first overseas store outside of U.S.A (New York and Los Angeles). Its second store at One Fullerton will soon open their doors in November, and we can all look forward to it.

ImageSignature Mille Crêpes (S$7.50)

For a start, Lady M is probably the pioneer that started the craze over Mille Crêpes, which means “a thousand layers” of crepes. Lady M’s rendition of the French confection is a blissful union between traditional French pastry techniques and cutting-edge Japanese precision. Each layer of feather-thin crepe is topped with ethereal custard pastry cream, and altogether there are at least 20 layers of smooth and delectable indulgence. As you slice into the fine delicate pastry, the layers and custard gradually fall apart nicely while the rest of the cake remains. As the layers slowly disintegrate in your palette, you can also taste the light pastry cream and golden caramelised top. Each mouthful is simple happiness.

ImageGâteau Nuage (S$7.00)

Mr Mushroom opted for the Gâteau Nuage (S$7.00), which means ‘cloud cake’ or simply the classic cheesecake. The light cream cheese is carefully whipped to produce a smooth, light and refreshing texture and then left to set in the cinnamon-kissed Graham Cracker crust base. Topped with a thin layer of sweetened sour cream, this pastry achieves the perfect balance. We all loved it.

ImageVery Berry (S$9.50)

Our minority friend Terry went for the Very Berry (S$9.50), a fruity tart topped with vanilla custard and a myriad of berries, including blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. We would say you can give this pastry a miss, because it tasted pretty average and did not leave a deep impression.

ImageStrawberry Shortcake (S$7.50)

Lastly, L’ went the Strawberry Shortcake (S$7.50), which is created with Japanese imported flour and fresh strawberries. The sponge is sufficiently soft and fluffy, and we would go as far to say that it is as good as the ones at Flor Patisserie. Melting in your mouth is probably an understatement.



Service wise, we note that while many bloggers (in September and at the start of their opening) lamented that their service left much to be desired, the servers were pretty friendly to us and spared no efforts to recommend the various pastries. It’s a also a shame that we didn’t get to try the Green Tea Mille Crêpes, or the session would have been perfect. All in all, the hype over Lady M is probably justified. The signature Mille Crêpes is a must-try and if you fail to secure a table, you can probably pack them home: they are really good…om nom nom.

Rating: 4.21/5 Mille Crêpes